Sauce provides professional men’s barbering and grooming services keeping you fresh regardless of the occasion. 


Come in, sit back, relax, and let our highly experienced, adaptable, and friendly team provide you with Hong Kong’s most premium barbering service.  


No matter the style, hair (or lack of), our barbers are ready to serve you!

Hair Cut

$450 (45mins)

Detailed consultation helping you create a bespoke look.

Back and Sides with skin fade

$350 (45mins)

Nothing off the top, but skin fade on the sides and back allowing your to stay fresh week in week out.

Back and Sides

$250 (30mins)

Aimed towards those who want to keep their fade looking fresh on the regular. This doesn't include anything off the top.

Buzz Cut

$250 (30mins)

Fresh trim using only the clippers.

Hot Towel Wet Shave

$450 (45mins)

A clean shave using the cut throat blade. We'll use scent hot and cold towels to sooth the skin and make you leave feeling 5 years old again.

Beard trim with blade

$350 (45 mins)

The works on your beard using a straight blade along edges and neckline, finished of with a hot towel and beard oils.

Beard Trim without blade 

$250 (30mins)

Tidying up the beard and neckline only using scissors and clippers.

Hair and Beard Combo

$650 (75mins)

A fresh haircut combined with a classic beard trim.

"The Works" - Nose, ear & brow waxing

$200 (15mins)

Waxing those areas you might not want to do yourself.


$100 (10mins)

Individual waxing on your nose, brow or ears.